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Portfolio and Testimonials

​For the privacy of our clients, no customer names are listed. 

  • "Thanks for all of your hard work and prompt service. The city inspector said you all did one of the best jobs she has seen in awhile and you clearly know what you are doing! We really appreciate it!"
  • "AirCraftsman employees and management personnel were courteous and professional in all aspects. The total process was good and the finished product was what I expected."
  • "This was our second home we have had AirCraftsman install complete systems in. We are always satisfied with their service, knowledge and craftsmanship and have recommended them to others."
  • "We are very satisfied with the system. Representatives/ employees were knowledgable, efficient, courteous, prompt."
  • "Everyone I've had any dealings with at AirCraftsman HVAC have been very cordial and anxious to help me. Our old system was installed by a company selected by the building contractor. After the warranty expired we began using AirCraftsman for periodic maintenance and servicing. We have been pleased with them so that is why I called them when the old unit malfunctioned...AirCraftsman went the extra mile to get us up and running ASAP."
  • "AirCraftsman President George Willis and his crew, especially Dwight and David, have helped us for years correcting the mistakes of our original builder and the systems he installed years ago. George has been excellent in giving us analyses of those old systems and how we could solve the many problems when one of those faulty units broke down. George installed a new furnace with the correct installation and design for our needs. We are very thankful for him and his company."
  • "George Willis, AirCraftsman contractor, is the best HVAC installer I've dealt with in 30+ years of owning 5 different homes."
"I live in an old house with an old furnace. I tried other folks to work on it before I found out about AirCraftsman. (The previous contractors) had to keep coming back and I never felt secure or know when it was going out again. I cannot praise Dwight enough. he has serviced my furnace for the past three years. He takes time to do a thorough job and makes me feel he is very concerned about seeing that it doesn't give me any trouble. He is just the best. Doesn't mind getting in there and getting dirty. I don't worry now whether my furnace is going to start or not and I feel if I need to call he will be here to help. That is a great comfort to me. So I thank you guys, I appreciate you and will certainly recommend you to anyone that needs your services."